Let’s start from the beginning, shall we?


— Hayley Williams and Brian O’Connor meet at The Pink Mullet Salon in Franklin, TN.


— Brian cuts and colors Hayley’s hair in a music video. She asks for something that looks like an anime character or something out of Fruits Magazine. The video? “Misery Business” by Paramore.

— Paramore’s sophomore album, RIOT!, is released.

— Hayley and Brian notice people mimicking the “Miz Biz” hair.

— Brian styles Hayley’s hair for Paramore’s “crushcrushcrush” video.


— The duo amp up their influence with looks created for Paramore’s Self-Titled album.

— “Still Into You” video premieres, with Hayley in half-and-half orange and pink split dye.

— Hayley tells Brian that she needs him to cut off her hair and dye it blue. He cries a little.


— While on tour in Australia, Brian and Hayley begin dreaming of creating their own hair color products because they’re tired of mixing infinity products to get specific looks.

— Many false starts until finally, they meet someone they believe in, with absolutely no experience in the beauty industry, and they all set off together to meet investors and labs, etc.

— Brian begins formulating and testing samples while on tour with Paramore.


— Five shades of semi-permanent dye are approved. Hayley dyes her hair with her favorite of the five, which she and Brian call, “Steal My Sunshine.”


— Hayley and Brian launch their semi-permanent hair color line, Good Dye Young, with five core shades and a Lightening Kit.


— Good Dye Young rents out a vacant bakery and converts it into their offices, with a 1-chair mini-salon in back for Brian.


— Hayley and Brian decide the company needs a rebrand. Enter Luum Studio, a Nashville-based design firm.

— GDY launches WASH, RINSE, and Pre-WASH, becoming the first DIY hair color brand to offer professional grade, color-protecting haircare products.

The years roll on, with the company growing slowly and steadily.


— GDY launches at retail.


— Hayley gets the itch to expand. Brian is like, “Are you out of your mind?” Hayley says, “Yes.”

— Brian and Hayley begin looking for a building in Nashville.

— THE building is purchased.


— Concept and design work begin.


— Demolition finally begins at their building.

— Brian and Hayley decide it’s time to put a team together. They call some friends from Buffalo, NY at a salon called CROWN.

— Said friends pack their bags for Nashville to join forces with Brian and Hayley.

— Finishing touches on the building, inspections, etc…

And that’s the story so far

Welcome to Fruits Hair Lab... the fruits of our labor.

Hayley Williams


Brian O’Connor